24 Hour Rule (St. Marys Minor Ball)

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St. Marys Minor Baseball Association (SMMBA) is committed to providing a positive learning environment where all individuals are treated with respect. Being a member of this association should be a positive, rewarding, and beneficial experience for all - players, coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers.

To ensure that all members of our association are treated fairly and with respect, we encourage everyone to communicate in a positive manner and to follow certain guidelines when discussing issues about practices and games.

We understand that baseball can be an emotional sport for many and we want to ensure that our players and members interact in a fair and safe environment.

SMMBA has adopted the following 24 Hour Rule:

Unless there is an immediate safety issue, parents/guardians of players must wait 24 hours prior to contacting the coach following the game or practice of incident related to their child. The 24 hour period is a time to logically assess the situation and afford a 'cooling off' time for all parties so things can be discussed in a calm, unemotional manner and not 'in the heat of the moment'. We ask that all families abide by this rule.

Thank you for your cooperation.